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Get your Chef's delicious food knocking at your door.

Daily meals for conscious eaters, made by a community of empowered freelance cooks

Meet our dedicated chefs

Reusable packaging

Chef's made

Changing menu

Eco friendly


Better Food, Better Life   
Better Planet, Better Future

Wecook is convenient, delicious, & sustainable.

More than just what we eat to fill our bellies, Wecook is culture and community, and the daily joy of eating, cooking, conversation & tradition.

kitchen space

Shared kitchen
Shared joy!

Wecook is a shared kitchen that liberates chef-creators from the constraints of restaurant work and transforms them into freelancers.


They cook their specialties, and we deliver them right to your door.

Shared kitchen

Better for the planet

At Wecook we approach everything we do with sustaining ourselves and our planet in mind, whether that involves the ingredients that we use, the packaging we deliver, or the people we support.

We vow constantly to rethink the ways that we grow, produce, distribute and consume food, before it becomes untenable.

chef made



carbon reduction

Minimized Carbon

share future

Shared Profit, 

Shared Benefit

Reusable food container



In partnership with 

Ikea partnership
Zero waste



Alexandra Sarigianni

"Now I can cook my favorite food and share it with the world!"

Alexandra Sarigianni

Raw Vegan Chef

Dimitrios Sarigianni

"By focusing on sustainability and by reuniting food producers with consumers, WeCook is transforming the food delivery model."

Dimitrios Georgakopoulos

Serial Entrepreneur and Investor

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We are looking for cooks

You like cooking, being creative and earning good money but also being able to see light of the day rather than the darkness of the restaurant's basement kitchen. We are here for you ;)

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